When bitcoin got introduced around 2008 there was not allot of people raising their attention around bitcoin as a payment provider. But just a few years later the crypto currency was a big player when it came to shopping online. Later introduced to the Casino world this is one of the most popular deposit methods out there. As we all know bitcoin is a very anonymous currency and if you want to stay hidden of who you are this is the perfect currency for you!


Impact on the gambling industry

As we mentioned above this has become one of the most popular deposit methods for the online gambler that does not want to share all of their personal details such as bank account. As well it works perfect for the people with USA as their country and this is because transactions from Usa with for example Visa or MasterCard have had some issues. To make a deposit or buy something online with Bitcoin you will first have to get a digital wallet as its called. There is allot of different e-wallets out there that can help you with the process they will also show the amount of currency you own in bitcoin. Some of the most regular ones are coinbase and Circle. These websites offer you a E-wallet but they can also help you with buying different crypto currencies that are out there! After buying your crypto currency and setting up your E-wallet  you can create your account with a online Casino that offer bitcoin as a payment method and then you will create a Casino account