Welcome to MillenniummDigital.com we are the upcoming website that will post the latest news in  the gambling world! We are four guys searching the internet every day for the latest news out there, we will post news about new games, new payment methods and new game provider that stands out from the rest! What is a great Casino brand in our eyes? We love to gamble as many of us do, however you should never gamble on a bad casino, there is allot of different casino brands out there. The best one have 2-3 different licenses but there is brand with only 1 license as well, these ones you should keep an eye on if you play there, most of them are licensed in countries such as curacao or Greece. We strongly recommend you to not play on these Casinos as they have a tendency of not being super fair against their players. we have seen alot of different cases where these kind of Casinos dont pay out winnings, some of them even have fake games from providers like Net Ent. When you are getting ripped of from one of these brands it is very hard to contact any that work with the license, these Licenses are given out very easy and there is not allot you have to do to receive a license. We suggest that you play at a online casino that have a license from both MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and the License from Uk government. These two licenses are the biggest ones out there and the license from UK is definitely the best one for a Casino to have, this license is also one of the best ones for the player because the UK government watches all the gambling activity that is ongoing and they believe that  responsible gaming is very important! looking for a pay and play casino, check it out! http://realcardgames.info/


Understand when it´s time stop!

From time to time Gambling can go from being a fun hobby to becoming a issue. We know that there is a risk in gambling, and it is your and the casinos responsibility to give you the tools to protect your self against gambling problems. It is important to keep an eye on your gambling habits, in that way you can solve your problem before it goes to long. There is a few different things you can do to Control your gambling Habits.

  1. Deposit limits:  Recent studies show that problem gambling does not occur as much if a player decides before how much money he will play for. That is why most of the Casinos offer you a deposit limit.
  2. Self exclusion: If you feel that you need to take some time of from gambling most of the casinos offer you a self exclusion function, you can take a break from 24 hours up to a year. You can also decide for your self how long you want your break to last, if you want to reopen your account there will be a 7 day cooling down period. 
  3. Block gambling sites: If you feel that gambling have taken over your life and have become a huge issue you can decide to block your computer from all gambling sites, check the link here and follow the instructions to block your computer from gambling sites. 



When playing in a online casino you will have to spend money to win money. You will have to choose a payment method to do deposits in your player account to be able to play for real money and have the chance to win real money. 

We have looked into a few different deposits methods that you can find in our finance page. We have gone trough the best deposits methods and as well written a short review about each one to explain further the positive and negative things about each one. By reading about the different payment methods you can get some more info about witch one you are going to use. 




Is an Online payment provider that offers online money transfers and online payment methods for different niches such as the Casino industry. With PayPal you can transfer money without having to show your own payment details and you can either choose to pay with your PayPal account balance or directly with your credit card trough PayPal. At the moment PayPal has around 173 million active accounts over 203 different markets they offer 57 difference currencies all over the world.  PayPal had a fantastic year 2012 where they had a total of 97 billion US-Dollar in transactions, that was a increase of 25 % since the year before, they had a profit of 5.6 billion Dollar.




Account with limits

It is not super usual but it can happen that your PayPal account will be limited, this mean that you cant do all the things you once did. However if this happens to you, just take it easy. This is for your saftey as well as for PayPals Saftey. To remove these limits from your account you will have to verify your identity and this is not a strange thing to do on the internet. This is to let PayPal know that you are the person that you are telling that you are. They have to request certain documents to verify your identity by the European law as well as the American Law.